How To Make Your Cat Have Refreshing Bath

How To Make Your Cat Have Refreshing Bath

You might have heard of the common saying which defines itself as, the outer beauty of a person is not that significant and vital. But we are living in a time where even a buzz of beauty provokes our mind. It affects us up to an extent which has a far-ending and dominant effect on our mindsets. Therefore, why would anybody take risk looking filthy or grotesque when others are so pleasant and comely, and even when a hoard of items are available to enhance your outer-self.

You might do all the great things to yourself, but when it comes to the cleanliness of your pet and that too your cat, it becomes all the more vital as it is its cleanliness that would make it healthy and in turn keep you healthy as well.

Bathing, as you might consider, is a very crucial step for the enhancement of a cat’s outer body. Though cats are neat freaks themselves and they might spend their time licking themselves, but when it comes to proper purification, you have to be particular about it. There are some steps, or you can say some cat grooming tips that you need to follow while you do the bathing process for your purring mate. These are as under:

•If your cat shivers by the mere fact of getting its body wet, then it is a matter of great concern. Slowly try to lure your cat into the process by making use of some bath toys or some food offerings or a pat on its head and body. That may seem hard at first, but slowly and steadily, it would make an impression.

•Collect the bathing kit, which includes a right-sized vessel, soft brushes, a balanced pH shampoo, lukewarm water, a soft towel and a comb if you suppose it would work.

•Gently, dust out all the loose impurities present on the outer surface that might interfere in the cleaning process. You may use a cloth, brush or a comb for it.•Keep your cat in the bathing vessel, with water-filled as high as the feet of the cat. Use a handheld shower or a mug for getting the cat drenched. Pour water all over, except for its face and ears. That would make the cat feel uneasy, and it would end up sneezing.

•Apply the suitable shampoo over the drenched area and rub. Cover the paws, the stomach and the tail well.

•Slowly rinse the shampoo taking great care that its particles do not enter the eyes of the animal.

•Repeat the process if it is necessary, and be careful that the shampoo particles do not accumulate on the coat after the wash. These may cause itching on its body and could even cause hair to fall.

•Dry the body with a clean towel and dry the paws too. A cat may slip on a slippery floor due to wet paws and hurt itself badly.

•Comb the hair if they are long, while they are wet so that they do not get tangled afterwards. Let the cat dry itself under the sun at a clean place.

After the bath, offer mouth-watering reward so that it considers the process pleasant and gets ready for the next time with ease.
With these simple cat grooming tips, you can take the utmost care of your cat and make it a ‘cool cat’. Love your cat, care for it and get the return in the form of licks.