Haircuts for Pomeranian Dogs

Haircuts for Pomeranian Dogs

Of all the various kinds of pets kept by people across the world, dogs are probably the most popular. Along with being the most commonly opted for pet, dogs also have the unique distinction of providing probably the widest range to choose from. From German Spitz to Boxer and from Great Dane to Chihuahua, you can have any kind of dog that catches you fancy. In this particular article we are going to talk about Pomeranians dogs especially Haircuts for Pomeranian Dogs. In case you are looking for a general haircuts for dogs, you will like to browse other articles of ours on link – Dog Hair Grooming Tips.

While keeping dogs is generally known to reduce stress levels in dog owners, dogs also need the most maintenance when it comes to house pets. While a fish and cat, or even a parrot for that matter, hardly require any grooming as such; grooming and a dog go hand in hand. When it comes to grooming a dog, there are many professional grooming centres that offer services at attractive rates. While opting for a professional groomer might be better for someone with more funds at hand, home grooming is for the budget-conscious.

Grooming a Pomeranian dog at home is not as cumbersome as it might appear on the surface. With the plethora of websites available online catering specifically to pet supplies, there is no dearth of accessories to choose from. With just a few clicks of the mouse, a pet parent can select from a wide variety of shampoos, brushes, combs, clippers and trimmers. Before commencing grooming your dog, you should make sure that the dog is not agitated or not at unease for any reason. In case your dog is worked up about something, handing him a few treats would help to make him feel comfortable. While treats might work for some dogs, for others a brief walk outside the house or in a park tends to do the trick.


There are certain things which are required to cut your dog’s hair at home. These are:

  • Dog hair clippers
  • Dog hair trimmers
  • Brushes – bristle brush, pin brush or slicker brush
  • Comb – a finishing comb or de-matting comb

The primary difference between a clipper and trimmer is that while the clipper is used to cut long hair, a trimmer is more to give finishing touches and for styling.

A Cut Above

Haircuts for Pomeranian Dogs is not as difficult to do as it seems to be. As the pet owner, you are the best person to decide as to which haircut would suit your pet the most. Most veterinarians suggest giving your dog a haircut once every 6-8 weeks on an average. Opinions differ greatly on the length of hair most suited for any particular breed. While some pet parents are of the opinion that clipping the hair short keeps their dog happy, others might view the same hair as insulation against the natural elements. In the end, it is the prerogative of the pet parent in question.

In addition to deciding if your dog needs a haircut or is fine just the way he is, you would also have to decide whether to do it at home or get it done professionally. While haircuts done at qualified groomers might be a cut above the rest, you can also do a decent job at home itself. Cutting your dog’s hair at home is also a good idea if your dog is of a nervous disposition and prefers the comfort of home. While almost all dogs can be given a haircut, styling is more commonly associated with dogs with longer hair, such as the Pomeranians.

Top Haircuts for Pomeranian Dogs

Pomeranians are known for their fluffy double-layered coat of hair. While this distinctive coat might look visually appealing, maintaining the same is a great task for the owner of a Pomeranian. Maintaining the coat of a Pomeranian takes time as well as dedication. A lot of bathing, brushing as well as styling is required. Many a times, for the sake of convenience, the dog parent might get the Pom’s hair clipped short. While clipping the hair might reduce the need for grooming, cutting a Pom’s hair too short might hamper the re-growth of a proper coat and lead to uneven patches later on.

Among the haircuts most favoured by the owners of Poms are:

  1. Full & Fluffy Haircuts for Pomeranian Dogs- In this style, the natural fluffy look of the Pom is retained with only a minimal amount of trimming being done. In the Full & Fluffy look, the coat is usually brushed upwards to give a fluffier look. While letting the hair retain its natural length elsewhere, hair at the bottom, paws and ears are clipped short for the sake of hygiene.
Pomeranian Haircut Styles
  1. The Lion Haircuts for Pomeranian Dogs – As the name suggests, the Lion Cut of a Pom is when the hair at the head and neck is left to grow long, and the hair on the rest of the body is shaved down. Often, as per the preference of the dog parent, some hair tufts are left on the Pom’s feet as well. While the longer hair does require daily brushing, as there is not much of long hair in this particular styling, grooming is much easier.
The Lion Haircuts for Pomeranian Dogs
  1. The Puppy / Teddy Bear Haircuts for Pomeranian DogsThis haircut lies somewhere in the middle, that is, neither too long nor too short. In the Puppy Cut or the Teddy Bear Cut, hair on the entire body of the Pom is trimmed to a uniform length which is about a few inches long. As the entire coat is trimmed uniformly, the look of the Pom resembles that of a Teddy Bear; hence the name. In this particular cut, the hair on the head is left a little bit longer than that of the rest of the body. This makes the head of the Pom appear much rounder then it is, leading to an appearance considered to be cuter than other haircuts.
Teddy Bear Pomeranian Grooming

As in the case of other breeds, when it comes to the length of hair and the style to be adopted, it is indeed the dog parent who is the best judge. Popular cuts such as Full & Fluffy, Lion Cut as well as the Puppy or Teddy Bear look usually turn out the best when done professionally.