Dog Mannerism At A Pet Park

Dog Mannerism At A Pet Park

Providing proper body exercises are one of the most imperative aspects of Pet grooming tips and need to be offered on a regular basis. Pets, especially the dogs that are not in an environment of exercising, get susceptible to innumerable body disorders.

Unlike the cats, dogs would not be able to jump on fences, climb on trees or sneak into the neighbors’ house through rooftops which could provide them enough exercise. 

Instead, the dogs need to be offered a regular stroll and some running exercises so that their physical and mental strength stays intact. The concept of taking your pet to a nearby pet park is an apt one in this, and it is followed by mostly all of the dog owners.

In a pet park, you would be able to offer all the body exercises that are needed by your pet but before taking your pet to one of these, you need to teach it the etiquettes that are vital in terms of its proper behavior.

Here are some essential tips that would help the pet owners when they intent to take their dogs out for a walk to a dog park:

Proper Packing Of The Essentials: 

There are some essentials that need to be in the possession of a pet owner before they walk out with their pets. If your city provides for a dog license, better get one and keep it safe with you. Many pet parks may also ask for rabies tags on the collar of the dogs, which ensure that your dog is properly vaccinated at stipulated times.

Apart from these, always carry disposable packets for picking up the stools of your dog. A disposable bottle of water and a container in which you could supply water to your dog may also turn out to be handy. 

The leash of the dog is also an indispensable commodity that is always held in your hand, while the dog is wearing it.

When you enter:  

The entrance probably would not have any keepers and there could be other large numbers of dogs in the close vicinity. Watch for the behavior of the dog when it faces the other dogs. Is it behaving too aggressively, or has it turned to be timid in front of other large and aggressive dogs? 

If these are the conditions and your dog is not getting on well with the other ones, leave the area soon.

When Inside The Park: 

The dogs need to be given proper socialization lessons first before they enter a public place. Apart from this, the time when you take your dog for a walk, you should be focused highly on your pet. If you are continuously engrossed in your cell phone or consider it a time to read books, your pet could find itself in trouble with the other pets.

Watch how other dogs react with your pet. A little bit of fun is common among dogs in terms of growling, pawing, cuddling and rolling over each other. You may also see occasional wrestling, mouthing, sniffing and chasing etc.

All these behaviors among the dogs are normal and non-threatening, until there are any broken skins etc. Some elder dogs may perform these to teach younger dogs some social behavior and teach them the limits if they are too pushy. 

Everything is supposed to be customary until the dogs form a group and attack a single lonely dog, which could even be your pet. If you find such situations, interrupt the fight soon and leave the place. If you know some dog owner whose pet too is involved in the act, inform him or her about the same so that a big fuss is prohibited right then.

As long as dogs are nice towards each other, it is even good for their health. If your dog is continuously finding it difficult to behave properly, maybe it needs another set of lessons on how to behave properly while in a social environment.