Cat Body-Wash For A Better Bathing Experience

Cat Body-Wash For A Better Bathing Experience

Most of you would rather love the name shampoo and rightly so, body wash and shampoos have no differences in their composition. While you plan to wash your kitty which could be a fussy bather, you would be in need of a perfect cat grooming shampoo which suits its body conditions.

The market could be filled with various luring kinds of body-washes but it is up to the master to choose the perfect one, wholly according to the body provisions of your cat. 

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Here are a few points that you could keep in mind while choosing the most appropriate cat shampoo:

Cat shampoo has no substitutes:

It is one of the most important points to be remembered that you cannot use a human shampoo or instead a dog shampoo for your cat. Though there could be shampoos meant for both the cats and dogs, they should be studied well for the body conditions of your pets. 

Also, take great care to use tearless type of shampoos as others could be highly irritating in the eyes of your cats. In any case, do not use your own shampoo as it could offer more harms than benefits.

Wet kind of shampoos:

Most of the available shampoos are of the wet form, which are used while bathing the cat. These are also helpful in removal of dander and loose hair strands from the coat of your cat. 

Your cat might not agree to get its body wet but you have to teach it the cleaning habits, most probably at an early stage. 

Waterless kind of shampoos:

If your cat is highly resistant to getting its body soaked in water and further, the use of shampoo on its body, do not worry. Waterless pet shampoos prove to be an efficient option for the grooming needs of your cats.

These may be in the form of sprays and do not facilitate wetting of your cat’s body. They are highly helpful as they could efficiently remove the dust and dander from the body of your cats. For those of you who keep running and shouting after your cat for a mere bath, these shampoos prove to be the best options.

Medicated Shampoos: 

If your cat’s body is being attacked by insects such as fleas and mites, medicated shampoos offer to be a great solution for these. These could help to get rid of the insects even within a single wash. 

Medicated shampoos could also be helpful to improve certain body troubles such as loss of hair, hot spots or itching problems.

Whatever shampoos you choose, make sure it meets the body requirements of your pets as choosing a wrong one could create troubles which could require medical attention.

You could consult your vet for the right-kind of body wash. Also, some cats could develop allergic reactions from the shampoos that you buy. The cat owners should be vigilant of these conditions and never hesitate to ask the vet to continue their use or forbid them altogether.